This Decadent Canadian Chocolate Bar Is One Of The Best In The World

If you like chocolatey treats, this bar should probably (definitely) be added to your wish list this year.

microbatch soma guasare dark chocolate bar
The best in show dark chocolate bar retails for just under $18.

Soma Chocolatemaker has done it again. This weekend, the small 15-year-old Canadian company took home gold from the International Chocolate Awards for their newly released Guasare dark chocolate bar — made with 70 percent cacao solids sourced from Venezuela. Judges deemed it to be the best overall dark chocolate bar out of 85 finalists from around the world.

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Quality chocolate in small batches

A two-shop enterprise out of Toronto, Soma is known locally for everything from their drinking chocolate to elaborate holiday confections, decadent truffles and their creative microbatch bars. Earlier this year the company told us that they “prefer staying small — and great”— and the awards rolling in prove the strategy is working. (Fortunately they ship to the rest of Canada, so no one has to miss out.)

canadian chocolate bar by soma - guasare dark chocolate bar
This Canadian chocolate bar beat out 85 other finalists from around the globe. Photo, Soma Chocolatemaker.

With flavour notes  of cream, malt, cacao, coffee, tamarind and figs it sounds like there’s an exotic-sounding depth of flavour to be explored in this brand-new bar. But if dark chocolate’s not your thing, Soma recently released two bars that might just tempt you: the Mango Lassi bar, $8, and the Twinkle Bar (caramel chocolate with sea salt), $10.

New chocolate Canada: soma twinkle bar