20 Of The Best Ikea Finds For $5 And Under

The Swedish mega store is known for affordable style, but we wanted to see what we could get with just a five-dollar bill. Answer: a lot.


No matter how high-end the designer, it seems like they love at least something from IKEA. And it’s easy to understand why. While this Sweden-born home megastore is known for being super affordable, it’s also known for both tried-and-true home staples and limited edition statement pieces.

So whether you’re on a tight budget or you’re into mixing high with low for an eclectic look, there’s an IKEA piece for you. See what some of our favorite home design experts are loving from the store.

Most people probably don’t want to think about how many hours they’re spent trying (and failing) to navigate the fluorescent maze that calls itself “IKEA.” The Swedish superstore is filled to the brim with amazingly affordable home decor, storage solutions and meatballs. To make the shopping experience less overwhelming for the everyday shopper, we combed through the retailer’s entire online inventory to curate some of its best products.

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