The Easy Way To Decorate Your Hearth For The Holidays — Even If You Don’t Have A Fireplace

This stylist-approved trick makes decorating for the holidays even easier.

holiday hearth decorations-white mantle with green, red and silver decorations

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Of all the holiday stressors — dealing with in-laws, finding gifts for fussy friends, fitting into your New Year’s outfit after way too many cocktail parties — decking the mantle should be the least of it. Just follow these simple, stylist-approved steps to create what’s called a decorating triangle.

Start by placing either the largest or most cherished object on the mantle. Think of it like the star on the top of the tree — it’s the focal point. Then arrange other objects in descending height away from the central object, creating the sides of the triangle. This might sound a lot like geometry, but there’s plenty of room to have fun with your display. Stacks of your favourite holiday books, festive family photos, jars of candy — anything goes. And the good thing too is that you can apply this to floating shelves, sideboards or anywhere else you want an eye-pleasing, symmetric decor display.

No hearth? No problem. Here’s how to fake a fireplace at every budget.

holiday hearth decorations-beige hearth with paper garland and light decorations
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Option 1

Buy a $5 roll of washi tape and outline your dream fireplace. Because washi tape doesn’t stick very strongly, it will peel off without leaving a mark come January.

Option 2

Buy a $40, stick-on decal from Etsy. Because the decals are pre-designed, they’re perfect for people who might not be artsy enough to attempt their own washi drawing.

Option 3

Buy a mantle from an architectural salvage shop, which typically start at $200 (an depending on the store cost upwards of $1,000). This is the most realistic-looking option (minus the actual flames and chimney), and can be used as a floating display shelf the rest of the year, but requires the most commitment in terms of cash and space.

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