Dining Out: How To Create An Outdoor Space You’ll Want To Eat In At Every Meal

Two landscape designers share their secrets to creating outdoor spaces you’ll want to linger in.


If you don’t have enough space for a full dining set, create an area where you can both lounge and dine. For small balconies, Martin Wade, a partner at MWLA Landscape Architects in Toronto, recommends pieces that complement your interior furniture so you can bring them inside for larger dinner parties, and vice versa.

Extend the night

Uplighting a tree or shrub and adding pathway lights along a walkway are great for added safety and also create fantastic shadows, casting a magical mood worth staying up for. If you don’t have a power source, movable and rechargeable lanterns are a good option. “Think about what you want to highlight,” says Black. Try a lamp by a chair or fairy lights above a lounge, and add layers of lighting.

Control the guest list

Keep mosquitoes and flies at bay by plugging in a fan during mealtimes. In addition to cooling you down, a brisk breeze can deter bugs because they’re simply not strong enough to fly in the wind. And be sure to wipe outdoor tables after eating and mop up spills so the food doesn’t attract ants, flies or wasps.

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