The 18 Best Books Of 2018

It was an incredible year for amazing reads. Here are best memoirs, thrillers, novels and non-fiction books of the year.

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Whenever anyone gets too down on 2018 and all its respective tragedies and disappointments, it’s important to note that this was a year that delivered some incredible reading. New releases by Kate Atkinson and Rachel Cusk were highlights, plus non-fiction by Susan Orlean, Tara Westover and a certain former first lady. It was an incredible year for women’s writing and books that challenge feminism in fascinating ways. And while it’s a testament to the 2018 publishing year that we could make a list of its best books that goes on forever, we’ve capped it at 18 to keep things from being too extravagant. A combination of bestsellers, award-winners, binge-worthy and groundbreaking, these are the books we won’t forget.

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