The Relatable Reason Harry And Meghan Were Late To An Appearance

One passenger managed to snap a short video of the pair as they arrived.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry public train

Photo, Chris Jackson/Getty Images.

Some lucky train passengers had royal co-riders on their commute on Monday. While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were on their way to the Coach Core Awards at Loughborough University, the couple decided to take the public train.

One passenger managed to snap a short video of Prince Harry and Meghan as they quickly walked by after arriving in town, with a few security personnel following closely around them (almost undetectable in everyday clothing). The tweet reads: “Bizarrely sharing my train with Harry & Meghan today #LoughboroughToLeicester.”

But as anyone who relies on trains knows, they’re not always on time – in fact, the duke and duchess were late, and their arrival in Wales was delayed. In natural Harry fashion, he ramped up the charm and expressed his apologies to those who were anxiously waiting to see their prince: “Most of you have freezing cold hands! We’re very sorry we’re late. Blame the trains!”