Who’s who at Chatelaine’s 80th gala

Cover models Debbie Travis, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, Monika Schnarre and more help Chatelaine celebrate 80 years at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto in our exclusive video coverage.

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1. Looking sharp
Publisher Kerry Mitchell is thrilled with the redesign of the magazine and Chatelaine.com
(0:25 min)
2. Connecting Canadian women
Pamela Wallin is happy not to be reading about Lindsay Lohan.
(1:11 min)
3. Style with ease
CBC talk show hosts Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman love the food section of Chatelaine.
(0:25 min)
4. Chatelaine in space?
Unfortunately astronaut Roberta Bondar didn’t have room in her luggage…
(0:25 min)
5. Supermodel in Aisle 6
Monika Schnarre doesn’t worry about beauty when she’s working on home renos.
(0:40 min)
6. Ahead of its time
Editor-in-chief Maryam Sanati describes her favourite era of Chatelaine.
(0:25 min)
7. Did Chatelaine come to 24 Sussex Drive?
Margaret Trudeau and daughter Alicia Kemper say “Yes!” (sort of).
(0:43 min)
8. Mood music
Eva Avila has a suggestion for the music pages of Chatelaine.
(0:45 min, French with English subtitles)
9. Christmas in July
Debbie Travis gets her house done up for a Chatelaine photo shoot.
(0:50 min)
10. Keeping it real
Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau admires the team that works at Chatelaine.
(0:27 min)
11. No models under 25
Editorial director Lise Ravary discusses Chatelaine’s artistic policies.
(0:44 min)
12. Improv games
Dini Petty does an impromptu plug for Chatelaine.
(0:40 min)