Vinaigrettes: How to shake up your own at home

We give you the tricks to keeping the flavour balanced, and after that, anything goes!

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Keep the ratios the same, measure it all into a jar and shake it up. (Illustration, Erica Collins.)
Illustrations, Erica Collins.

Switch up your salad by swapping in to new dressing. Anything goes — just keep the ratios the same. Measure everything into a jar and shake it up. Each element, from the oil, acid, and salt, to the sweet and creamy combines to make a new and exciting salad topper. Get the breakdown below.

Try extra-virgin olive oil, canola oil or avocado oil.

Try lemon or lime juice, or any vinegar.

Try honey, sugar or maple syrup.

Try Dijon, mayo or tahini.


Optional add-ins:

fresh herbs Poppy seeds shallots walnut oil Wasabi


















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