Spring ahead

Get a sneak peek at the season’s hottest fashion trends

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It’s just about time to slough off your many layers of winter clothing and say goodbye to heavy wools and tweeds. What better way to greet the new season than with a few new clothes or accessories? Here are five of spring’s most wearable trends. Get ready to inject a little feminine fun into your everyday wardrobe.

You’ll find this ultra-feminine, floral-looking detail on just about everything from jackets and skirts to shoes and bags.
How to wear them: Think of eyelets as a more durable alternative to softer-looking fabrics, such as printed silk or lace. Balance the super-sweet factor with more masculine pieces, such as tailored pants or jeans. Eyelets typically come in white, but there are also more wearable (read: black) options out there.

Ruffles and tiers continue to be strong trends. A few are often all that’s needed to make a statement.
How to wear them: Stick to simple shapes such as fitted camisoles, shirts and skirts. Use ruffles and tiers strategically: draw attention to your natural assets (if you’ve got fab legs, a knee-length, ruffle-edged skirt is a great choice) or camouflage body parts (a tiered cami can add volume to a flat chest).

Slip on a pair of knee-length shorts or wide-leg cropped pants. You’ll may be surprised: they’re not as difficult to wear as you think!
How to wear them: If you opt for shorts, stick to a just-above-the-knee length and a hip-skimming, tailored fit. If shorts are still too much of a leap, check out a pair of wide-leg cropped pants. Both look smart with a pretty top, a cropped jacket and neutral heels, which keep the outfit looking far from beachy.

If you need a new tote this spring, go big. Whether you prefer a slouchy bag or something with more structure, there will be no shortage of large-and-in-charge styles to choose from.
How to wear it: You can update and change your whole look with a new bag. Pick something in a bright colour, with a glimmering metallic finish or lots of interesting details, such as a woven handle and tassels.

Throw a belt over anything and everything in your closet and presto chango – you’ve got a new look. What could be simpler?
How to wear it: Update a blazer, sweater, vest, dress or even an untucked shirt with a simple belt. Choose something that will stand out, such as a really wide black or brown belt, a skinny one in white or something with an embellishment, such as lacy cut-outs.